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Domestic Safes

The Domestic range of CMI Safes are constructed with the highest quality and all Australian made. This range includes cash safes and fire rated safes all manufactured with the highest grade steel available.

There are a range of Lock styles available including key lock, combination dial and push button digital. Also recently released are fingerprint locks.

Safes are important in our homes if we wish to keep our valuables hidden and protected, there are numerous spots in our houses that can safely store a safe. Many people uses places like the floor, on the wall behind paintings and other locations that provide a solid casing for the safe to be fitted.

If you have a safe in your house you are increasing the time that a thief has to try and steal your valuables and providing more time for the police to catch them. If its too easy for them to come in and take you will have problems getting the items back.

Safes have a long life expectancy so you can expect them to last for a very long time. They may need maintenance from time to time but far in between.