Replacing a broken sliding door lock

Contents1 Removing the lock1.1 Tools that will be needed to carry out for this procedure2 Looking at the lock type3 Removing the handle4 Replace the lock5 Tips Removing the lock   If you want to attempt the removal of your sliding door lock in the absence of a...

Where can i get keys cut near me?

Going to your local shopping centre to find a Master Key Cutter   If you are looking to get some keys cut for your home, car or office it would do good to approach a master key maker/cutter. You can usually come by these type of professionals in local shopping...

What are the most burgled towns around Victoria?

Contents1 Below we have described the burglary statistics of popular towns in Melbourne1.1 In those towns, statistics show that at least one out of thirty homes have been attacked each year in the past five years.1.2 Among the Eastern Suburbs, Donvale has been the...

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