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What does re-keying locks mean?


Rekeying locks involves refitting the lock so that it can operate with a different key. A locksmith rekeys locks by removing the original fittings in the lock cylinder and replacing them with new ones, compatible with a new key.

There are plenty of reasons property owners may want to rekey locks, the main reason being retaining control over who gets to enter the property. For homes that have changed ownership, or where keys are with different people, rekeying locks enables better control over access to the property.

In addition to previous owners, maintenance providers and even contractors and previous roommates might have the keys to your home. To ensure perfect privacy and security, you might consider the option of rekeying.

For business establishments, the chances of maintenance personnel having access to keys are very high. If you ever suspect that too many non-relevant parties have access to your keys, it might be a good idea to refit the locks and make them operate with a different key.


Calling a locksmith to help with re-keying your locks


Rekeying locks should ideally be undertaken by experienced locksmiths since this is a delicate process that requires knowledge of refitting locks. Plus, the locksmith needs to have a good reputation for reliability, discretion, and good service.

Since locks are essential to the security of your home, it is important to find a locksmith who offers reliable rekeying services for locks.

Rekeying locks also helps you save money by offering an alternative to replacement of locks. Not all locks can be rekeyed. You may need to replace some locks.

However, rekeying does offer locksmiths an important starting point, from where they can assess the strength of your home’s security, and offer recommendations.

Rekeying locks often involves lubricating locks to make them function more smoothly. This ensures that the locks are in perfect condition for the time you start residing in your new home.

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