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Gain access to antique furniture. Lost key or need replacement lock?

Written: May 16, 2017
Last Modified: January 29, 2021 @ 9:23 am

Got an antique collectable or some furniture that needs access?


Quite unusual but it does happen many collectors of antiques can lose the key they used to open their antique items.

Maybe they have antique padlocks, chests, drawers or other types of antique furniture that has locks on them.

Specialist antique furniture restorers can be called upon to gain access but locksmiths can also help, we can help by providing a skeleton key that can be used to fit the locking mechanisms and help with opening the locks.


Calling a locksmith to help with your antique lock


You want to call upon a locksmith to assist with gaining access and as a last resort replace the locking mechanism because if the locking Antique Drawermechanism would be replaced it would most likely spoil the value of the antique.

The antique would not be valued as a proper antique anymore as some of the most important features of the antique would be replaced with modern day equipment and material.

Locks on the antiques can also seize up, and they need some care in restoring the use of the key as well as the lock.

If the key has stopped working or you cannot turn to open the lock, it is possible the spring inside might be rusted or needs cleaning.

Nothing is made to last forever, and because of the age of some of these antiques, they cannot be expected to keep working.

Some old keys can have patterns or some art to the end of the key which adds to the value of the antique set; it may not be possible to restore these artistic features if the key has been lost as a substitute key would just allow for access to the antique.

Also, the age of the key and the material used may be lost as well as the handmade designs.

Because modern-day locksmiths use automated tools and electronic devices the handmade approach may have fallen behind a little, but there is always a possibility.


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