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Commercial Safes

The Commercial range of CMI Safes are constructed with the highest quality steel and all Australian made. This range includes cash safes, fire rated safes and fire rated filing cabinets. The fire rated range of safes are thermos tested.

These safes come in a range of Lock styles including key lock, combination dial and push button digital. Also recently released are fingerprint locks.

The Lock Guy uses the CMI range of safes for there commercial jobs. The benefits of having the best safes in your business can help protect your business valuables considerably. Every business should have a safe to store valuables and extra cash. Its not good to have valuables sitting out in the open for people to come and take.

Workers as well as passers by can take your valuables and if you dont also have a CCTV camera system you will have a hard time getting your valuables back. Dont be left without your valuables make sure you have a CMI safe installed.