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Door Closers

Dorma door closers are an ideal choice for your medium to heavy commercial application, whether in a public building or in your office or factory – the Dorma door closers are a convenient way of shutting doors safely and quietly.

On fire exit doors, doors must be self closing to comply with current regulations. Door Closers are suitable to most door types and designs.

The benefits of using door closers is that your doors remain closed, we commonly forget to close our doors. It solves the problem of banging doors. Banging doors in the workplace or at home can get irritating, so with a door closer this problem is solved.

They are easy to use so someone carry large items after opening the door doesnt have to worry about closing the door behind him.

Brings down the air conditioning and heating bills as it makes sure the door is always shut.

Protects the door from damage as the door is automatically closed slowly and softely.

Add to the fire safety as during a fire all windows and doors should be shut to prevent spreading.

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