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Commercial Locksmith Melbourne Services

The Lock Guy - Your key to security for Melbourne businesses and properties.

At The Lock Guy our highly trained technicians are able to work in all aspects of locksmithing including commercial locksmithing and automotive capacities. With our extensive product knowledge and expertise we can offer you an effective security solution for your shop, factory, office or school.

At The Lock Guy we highly recommend the use and installation of a Restricted Masterkey Systems which will allow you to effectively manage access areas and keys issued within your business or commercial property.

Inappropriate security in your business workplace may lead to damage or loss of products and important valuables if unauthorized individuals were to break-in. Keep secure your company and be prepared beforehand.

It is important to provide a safe working environment for our employees so providing security measures we can increase safety in our business place.

As fully registered members of the Master Locksmiths Association, we are fully licensed in commercial operation and we provide services to a large majority of commercial bodies including large businesses, police, government authorities and educational institutions.

We have a large amount of locks and security systems that can be applied to your business that can greatly improve your company security.

The Lock Guy Melbourne Locksmiths providing its customers with the best commercial services call us on 0438 316 866

Restricted Master Key Systems

Ideal for the Commercial Application is the Restricted Master Key implementation. A System that is structured to the needs of our Commercial Customers creating a hierarchy of Keys from a Grand Masterkey to purely just a Store and Gate Key. The Lock Guy will tailor a Secure Coded and Coloured Key System to effectively manage keys and access areas within your company using specialised Computer Software.

Restricted Master Keys

Authorisation for the issuing of Restricted Master Keys after installation of your Restricted Masterkey System is required using registered signatories on record. These records are kept in a secure and alarmed location and Restricted Keys can only be copied and cut by The Lock Guy.

Locks recoded, repaired and updated

Moved into a new premises, factory, office building or shopfront? The Lock Guy Commercial Locksmiths in Melbourne can assist you with the Supplying and Fitting of New Locks, Creating and Maintaining a Restricted Masterkey System, Repairing and Upgrading of Existing Locks, Recoding of Locks to a New Key, Rollerdoor Locks and also Fire Compliant Locks and Closers. The Lock Guy is your Melbourne Locksmith with the expertise to install and maintain all of your security.

Padlocks and Chains

Padlocks are an ideal choice for the securing of Gates, Rollerdoors, Cupboards, Doors, Toolboxes and Grilles. Our large range of Abus Padlocks can be keyed alike to your Door Keys or Master Keyed to suit your New Restricted System. Also coming in a Closed Shackle version to prevent theft from use of bolt cutters. Whatever your padlock requirements, The Lock Guy has the right security solution.

Fire Exit Doors

Fire exit door compliancy is a must for persons who manage workplaces to ensure that exiting and entering the workplace is without risk. This includes ensuring that Locks fitted on Exit Doors are Fire Rated and Compliant with local government regulations. Locks with a one action only Lever Handle from the inside releasing to outside are an ideal choice. All Fire Exit Doors must be outward opening and be cleared for an emergency exit at all times. The Lock Guy can survey your property and advise on the best and most compliant solution for your business.

Lockable Bolts

Lockable Bolts come in a range of sliding and hinged door applications. Brands we use and recommend are Lockwood and ADI Lockable Bolts. All Lockable Bolts come in a range of colours and finishes to suit. These bolts increase your security of your doors by 100%. The Lock Guy can recommend Lockable Bolts to improve your security on your Commercial premises.

Window Locks

A must for added security to your Commercial premises is to include Window Locks alongside Lockable Bolts, Fire Exit Door Locks and Padlocks for the effective safety of your equipment and property. It is now a requirement by most Insurance Companies to add Window Locks to your premises to effectively secure your premises. The Lock Guy can secure all of your Windows by the fitting of appropriate Locks to your Timber or Aluminium Windows using Sliding Window Locks, Casement Window Locks, Multibolts and Lockable Window Winders. Window locks can also be keyed to your Front Door key or Restricted Master Key System for ease of use.

Door Closers

At The Lock Guy we can recommend the right Door Closer for your Internal or External Door application at your Commercial premises. A trusted brand we use is Dorma Door Closers which offer closers for your medium to heavy commercial application. Dorma Door Closers are a convenient way of shutting doors safely and efficiently. Also a must for adding to Fire Exit Doors which need to be self closing to comply with current local government regulations. Door Closers are suitable to most door types and designs.


The Lock Guy can quickly and efficiently Repair, Service, Open and Change the combination of your Safe. We can also supply Commercial Safes for the protection of your valuables from theft or damage. Safes come in many sizes and formats such as In floor safes, Under Counter Drop Boxes, Deposit Safes, Drug Safes, Record Holding Safes and Fire Rated Safes. Fire Rated Safes are tested in a thermos at 1000 degrees and offer effective protection of documents or valuables in the event of a fire. Safes come in various opening methods including Digital, Combination, Fingerprint and Key opening. Call The Lock Guy today for assistance.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets are available in a two, three or four drawer capacity depending on size required. These cabinets also have a one or two hour certification to protect documents and files from fire.

Access Control

An Access Control System allows you to electronically access your premises with a range of methods. These include Remote Control, Fingerprint Reader, Digital Keypad, Swipe Card, Key Fob and Mobile Phone or Smart Device access combinations. An Access Control System allows you to track the daily movements of Staff, Contractors and Suppliers. A CCTV Camera can also be incorporated into your system with audio/voice communication at your main point of entry if required. This System also allows you to deny access to certain areas if required within your business. At The Lock Guy we can tailor a system that is best suited to your requirements. Call and speak to our Access Control expert today.


CCTV Cameras are now becoming essential as an additional security measure on Commercial properties in and around Melbourne. Monitoring of and securing your possessions, equipment and vehicles is becoming more popular in the aid of theft and damage to property. After completing a Building or Office Survey the qualified team at The Lock Guy can recommended a system that will best suit your requirements and level of security to be achieved, whether it be a simple wireless solution or hard wired and monitored system with access from your mobile phone or smart device remotely. Call and speak to a professional today.