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Window locks & the best ways to secure your windows

Written: May 17, 2017
Last Modified: January 29, 2021 @ 9:23 am

Best ways to protect your windows from outsiders


In today’s modern times, being robbed seems like a normal thing. It is quite alarming because even though you secure your home, we still can’t stop robbers in following through with their bad intentions.

Securing your doors is not enough since there are more ways to come inside your house, and one way is through the windows.

Windows are often left unsecured unlike doors, and many robbers use this as a shortcut way to your home. Often, we leave the windows open inviting them to come inside our house. So, how can we secure our windows from the intruders?


Window Bolts1. Lock Your Windows to Secure Your Windows from Burglars


One of the easiest and simplest ways of securing windows is to secure all the locks. Sometimes, we often forget to close our windows because we give priorities to our doors. We forget that often windows can fit a full grown adult.

Many robbery cases use the windows as an escape or entrance route. Before leaving the house or going to sleep, check all the locks on all the windows to make sure that everything is tightly secured.

If you discovered some broken locks, take the time to fixed those locks. Make sure that the locks will not be easily open from the outside to make sure the intruders will stay outside.


2. Install Bars and Grill’s to Secure Your Home Windows to Prevent Invasion

Window Grilles & Bars

We can also install bars and grills to protect our windows. In that way, intruders cannot reach for the locks of your windows. Also, it will also give them narrow spaces to enter the house.

Bars and grills are an effective way of securing your windows and of course the security of your family. With this, you can indirectly tell the robbers that they cannot enter your house.


Camera Monitoring Systems3. Install a Security Camera System to Secure Your Windows against Break-Ins


CCTV cameras are also an effective way of defending our homes. It can make your house more secure in the face of the intruders will be registered.

Make sure that the place of your CCTV cameras are beyond the reach of the thieves and of course it can still see the outside of your premises. CCTV cameras are quite costly, but it is an excellent way to ensure your safety.


4. Reinforce Your Window Glass to Secure Your Windows against Invasion


Glasses are also an effective way to secure your windows. There are different types of window glass. A more vulnerable glass is noisy when it is broken so, it can alert you to the situations.

On the other hand, fibreglass is harder to break giving the intruders more time to break in. Either way, it can give you safety precautions in securing your home.

There are many ways of securing your home. We need to be extra careful in dealing with these kinds of intrusions since we do not know what they can do to us.

Either way, it is better to be prepared right now, instead of securing your house after it has happened.


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