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Securing an elderly mothers home in Greensborough after a shakeup

Written: February 16, 2017
Last Modified: January 29, 2021 @ 9:23 am

Grandmother calls a locksmith


Today we assisted an existing client in Greensborough to assist in securing their elderly mother’s home after her bag was taken from her trolley whilst loading shopping into her car at the local supermarket.

This dear old lady was severely shaken up and concerned that her handbag had not only personal information including her home address but also her house keys.  Having serviced Greensborough residents for the past 17 years The Lock Guy Greensborough’s local locksmiths were called to assist.

We first rekeyed all existing Locks to External Doors which completely made her old set of Keys now unusable. This client already had good quality locks on her doors already,  courtesy of The Lock Guy a couple of years ago.


Our lock of choice?


Our Lock of choice for this clients needs was the Lockwood 005 deadbolt.

This type of Lockwood Deadbolt offers high strength and security and are most certainly cost-effective to simply rekey not replace due to their quality and strength they give no matter what age.

As discussed with this client’s adult children this deadbolt is ideal for our elderly clients especially those with arthritis due to their ease of application and safety release function to prevent being locked in.

Upon removing these locks to rekey and change to a new combination, we also gave the Locks a Lube and Service at the same time. 

When refitting the locks our serviceman always checks the strike alignment of the lock and the locking action is working as it should be. This lovely old lady and her adult children were relieved to receive only one Key that works all Locks and that the Stolen Keys are now obsolete.

Always a rewarding part of being a Locksmith is being able to assist and support the elderly community by creating a safe and secure environment for them to live in.


Call The Lock Guy today for all your Residential, Commercial and Automotive Locksmith needs on 0438 316 866.  We will be happy to assist.



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