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Scary home invasion in Eltham

Written: February 7, 2018
Last Modified: January 29, 2021 @ 9:23 am

One of our customers recently faced a scary home invasion


Recently we visited some Clients in Eltham on the weekend after a troublesome and scary home invasion.  

A set of keys were taken from their home along with treasured valuables, unfortunately.

The Lock Guy offered emergency assistance and the first course of action was to recode all exterior doors to stop the old keys from working.

This action reassured young family members that the property could not be accessed easily again by the intruders who took the keys. 

To assist these clients further, we completed a walk around and free security survey to discuss further security required especially after this break-In. 


Our Recommendations?


On our advice, there were a couple of locks that needed to be replaced due to poor quality.

We also added extra security in the form of the Lockwood 680 Patio Bolt to two external sliding doors which were both keyed alike to the front, rear, and laundry doors.  

The existing windows did not have any locks on them simply just a winder, we removed these and replaced them with the Lockable Whitco Winder for a more secure option.

These were also keyed to the house key which pleased our clients.

Whitco Lockable Window Winders are suitable for all timber and aluminium awning windows and come in colours Black, White Brown and Primrose.

All locks were keyed alike and our customers were very happy with their extra secure outcome.


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The Lockwood 680 patio bolt made from high-quality zinc alloy is a strong, heavy duty,

surface mounted lockable bolt.  This bolt is designed to increase security in a range of residential sliding and hinge door applications and can be locked in open or closed positions.

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