(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

Even though sliding doors often are reasonably secured, it is still important that your door’s latch is working at its best. Bits and pieces can easily get lodged inside and jam the mechanisms of the locks, or the locking mechanism can break down with use over the years.

Door handles come in all sorts of shapes and dimensions, but fortunately, the mounting sizes are the same among nearly all of the different locks.

This means you can often replace a handle with one that may look different but has the same screw mounting pattern. So much time as the handle does not interfere with other parts of the door, you can use it.

The Manufacturers have designed universal locks that can be applied to all types of doors and can replace old locks. However, you still need to figure out which type of universal handle you may need.

The Lock Guy Pty Ltd specialises in the repair or fixing of all brands of Sliding Door Locking Mechanisms, Security Door Locking Mechanisms, Wooden Door Locking Mechanisms, and Window Locks.

It is best to carry out these services if any of the below are identified:

  • The lock is broken and will no longer latch snib lock; the key lock will not open.
  • The locks and handles are damaged or overtime wore down
  • Keys broke in the lock or missing keys
  • More secure locks required.
  • Renew old locks and handles to the latest standards.