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How much does a locksmith cost to unlock a house?

Written: June 2, 2017
Last Modified: January 29, 2021 @ 9:23 am


Costs involved in unlocking your house


If you have lost your keys and didn’t know where to find them, the only safe and efficient way to have a peaceful entry into your house is to use the services of a locksmith.

Locksmiths are industry gurus who have all it takes to unlock a home in a matter of minutes. All locksmiths are not the same thou, but they almost always use the same techniques to open a lock.


Here is a general overview of services and how much they usually cost for bypassing locks


Lock Picking

Lockpicking is the simplest and most common technique your locksmith is likely to try first when trying to bypass your locks.

This method chiefly entails using specific tools to manipulate and confuse the lock components as such that they react as if the right key has been inserted.Lock picking

If your locksmith decides to unlock your house via this technique, they will have to insert a tension wrench inside the keyhole and twist it slightly before he or she inserts the rake.

After inserting the rake, they will need to pull and push the rake inside and outwards until the lock pins reach the cut off line.

When the lock pins reach the shear line, the locksmith will then twist the tension wrench to open the lock.

If your locksmith unlocks your home via this technique, they are likely to charge you anything between $50 and $300 or more depending on the time of the day and the season of the year.


Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is the next prevalent technique your locksmith will likely try out if the lock picking technique fails.

With this technique, your locksmith will have to craft a specially designed bump key for your lock which they will use to open the lock.Lock Bumping

The bump key will be designed as such that it will be able to move the pins the same way as the tension wrench to ensure they reach the shear line for easy opening.

In the event your locksmith successfully gets your house lock unlocked via this technique, they will charge anything between $20 and $150 or more depending on the locksmith, the time of the day and the time of year.


Drilling the Lock

The last technique which is destructive but very efficient and reliable is drilling. This method will give you access to your house in several minutes but will need you to buy another lock.

This is true since the drilling process will kill all the lock pins and tumbler system making them useless and unusable.

The process involves drilling the lock in such a way that they loosen up making it easy to open the lock using a flat head screwdriver.

Locksmiths will usually charge you anything between $300 and $500 to drill your old lock and buy and install a new one.

This, however, will depend on some factors including the type of locksmith you hire, the time of year and time of the day.

When hiring a locksmith after you have locked yourself out of your house, it is crucial to learn about their pricing.

Moreover, if like everyone else you are wondering how much does a locksmith cost to unlock a house? You will need to ask for the price before calling them out.

This will make it possible for you to choose the most affordable and reliable locksmith who will never disappoint you.

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