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Padlocks are our passion here at The Lock Guy

Written: March 31, 2015
Last Modified: January 29, 2021 @ 9:23 am

Padlocks are our passion


At The Lock Guy, we take pride in working with your padlock application and tailoring a solution that meets your requirements for the most secure outcome. We welcome all padlock jobs as these are our specialty.


Padlock Locksmiths in Melbourne

We service padlocks every day including the most popular and well-known padlocks.


Abus Padlocks


In 1924 August Bremicker first started his own business in a small village in Germany producing padlocks in his cellar.Today, with tireless efforts, innovative ideas and expertise Abus has grown into a globally recognized company and is a market leader in Home and Business security.


At The Lock Guy, we highly recommend Abus Padlocks for their high quality, durability, and ease of application as a solution to your Padlock requirements.


The Abus 83 series range of Padlocks offers both security and quality for all domestic, mobile and commercial applications.



83-45 Brass Padlock83 - 50 Steel Padlock83-55 Steel Padlock

For your padlock needs in and around Melbourne, contact The Lock Guy!
For your Padlock services in Melbourne contact The Lock Guy!
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